Hire a Venue for Your Child’s Party

Hiring a space for your child’s birthday party is a great idea

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have the room at home, inviting 25+ children is a challenge for anyone’s feng shui.

Most parents will stay for the party – in fact all under 5’s will definitely have a grown-up with them. That means that the guest list of 25 will be 50 in total.

So that’s 50 people plus unnannounced siblings?

Yep. In this instance, hiring a village or community hall becomes an excellent option.

The advantages are numerous:

  • There’ll be plenty of tables and chairs
  • There will be LOADS of space for the children to run around in
  • You’ll have the place to yourself, so no Joe Public to contend with
  • The kitchen facilities will be ideal for a large number of people
  • There’ll be a car park. Which is so much better than upsetting the neighbours. Again.

Your party will not dependent on the weather and you’ll have a definite finish time too so there’ll be no chance of anyone outstaying their welcome.

How do I find a hall?

There are a couple websites to help you find halls for hire – this one from the Rural Community Council of Essex is great, just pick your area from the map. This one from St Edmundsbury Borough Council is also really good, just pop in your postcode and hey presto, village-hall-io.

Some places offer catering and decoration

Alternatively, you could hire a function room. The Cookhouse at the Suffolk Food Hall is nice or maybe The Essex Golf & Country Club?

They’ll be able to supply catering, decorate the room and do the tidying up.

All you’ll need to do is keep everyone entertained


I’ve heard Magic Iain‘s really great with kids 🙂

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