How long do you do?

Together we can decide what’s going to work best. I’d love to give you a menu of options but it’s better to find the best fit with your venue, your ideas and your child.

Is there a limit to the number of children?

Once the number of children exceeds 35, it becomes difficult to maintain control while playing party games. Let me know if you’ve got more than 35 coming and we can have a think how best to entertain them all!

Do you have a DBS (formerly CRB) certificate?

Yes. I’m also registered with the live DBS Update Service. If you’re from an organisation that needs to check, then please email me on iain@magiciain.com for my live DBS Update Service ID.

Is it best to book a hall before emailing you?

No! There are plenty of halls but only one of me. Let’s sort a date first 🙂

Do I need to supply prizes for party games?

No. All the games I play are totally inclusive, meaning there are no winners or losers. It also means they’re all occupied throughout – result!

What games do you play?

I have my own twist on musical bumps and musical chairs which are hard to explain but great fun to watch. I also have play parachutes and an arsenal of stage games to fill the gaps during transitions.

Can you perform outside?

Yes – as long as there’s a contingency for rain and wind, and a nice patch of grass or blankets for the children to sit on.

How far do you travel?

I travel the whole of East Anglia, outside the M25.

Do you provide party bags?

No. However, I always recommend http://partydelights.co.uk for party bags, decorations and tableware.