Balloon Twisting Workshops

What’s involved?

I bring a FEW HUNDRED inflated professional modelling balloons to your venue and run a balloon twisting workshop session.

  • A balloon twisting workshop is perfect for children aged 7 and over, and those younger can easily get by with a little help!

It’s a structured session:

  1. The children learn how to twist the balloons and we make a few basic models together as a group.
  2. I show them how to make a crazy balloon hat and how to connect the balloons in any way they want.
  3. Then I put on party music and the children make WHATEVER THEY LIKE with all the colourful balloons.

The children get to keep all their fabulous works of art. They talk about it for days afterwards.

  • It’s creative, original and perfect for holiday clubs, end of term treats and Brownie groups or Cub packs. The photo opportunities during and after the workshop are out of this world.

You’ll need loads of room, right?

A hall is ideal, but the picture below is from Rebecca’s 8th birthday party with 14 girls, in a living room. She has a very brave Mum and Dad!

Birthday balloon workshop

How much does it cost?

It depends on how many children there’ll be. I pre-inflate all the balloons at home before heading out to a balloon twisting workshop.

Balloons in the car
250 balloons and me in my little Fiat Panda 🙂


Can you do a magic show, too?

Absolutely! A magic show works brilliantly as a warm-up to the balloon workshop session. Let me know if you think booking both would work for you.

How do I get a quote?

Just email me at with details of your event and we can figure out what’ll work best!