Blowing up balloons for a party this weekend? A quick pro tip for you

The professional children’s entertainer trick to stopping balloons from popping

Burp them.

No I don’t mean hold them to your shoulder and rub their backs. That just creates static (although that can be fun).

What I mean is, just before you tie a knot in a balloon, let a tiny amount of air out. Just for half second will do. The balloon size will barely change, but the chances of it popping will be much, much smaller.

Less (air) is more

By letting a small amount of air out, you’ll relax the latex of the balloon and make it slightly squishy. This means it will be able to take a lot more abuse without popping.

Burping balloons for a children’s party helps them withstand:

  • Toddlers laying on them
  • Children hitting each other with them
  • Changes in temperature from a cold car to a warm hall
  • Grandparents accidentally sitting on them
  • Contact with pointy objects

And if you’re going to go to all that effort to inflate the balloons, then you might as well give them a fighting chance of surviving the whole party!


Invoicing a five year old for not showing up. Really?

OK, so the Mum is out of pocket

You’ve seen this news story, right? BBC – Party invoice: Boy sent bill for birthday no-show

Here’s a summary: Mum organises a birthday party at a dry ski slope, pays out £15.95 per child. One boy doesn’t turn up so a couple weeks later Mum sends an invoice for £15.95 to him for the ‘no-show’.

Yes, yes it’s rude to not let someone know you’re not coming. Especially if it’s been confirmed a couple days before. And yes, in this instance it’s left the host out of pocket by £15.95.


She’s picked the easiest way to throw a party! Phone a tourist attraction, tell them how many you’ve got coming. Done.

Why get so angry?

  • You don’t have to buy disposable Frozen/Marvel/Cars/Thomas/Sam plates, bowls and table cloths
  • You don’t have to lug any tables and chairs about to arrange the children best for serving party food
  • You don’t have to remember the tea and coffee for the grown ups
  • You don’t need to decorate your home or hall with banners that need sticking (don’t forget the blu tac!)
  • You don’t have to blow up any balloons (ditto balloon pump!)

There are no games to be organised, no food to be bought, cooked, and served, and no clearing up to do.

Imagine how she would have reacted to a no-show if she’d bothered to lift a finger to actually help throw her son the party!

I suppose she saves all her energy for invoicing.

Although a Paypal request would have been easier.


Image “IOU in a piggy bank” by Images Money is licensed under CC BY 2.0